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    STUDIO LECTURE "TU GRAZ" // O&O DEPOT - 16.03.2015

    Master Program in Architecture of the Technical University of Graz (SS2015). Studio weeks in the O&O Depot Gallery in Berlin from 16 to 27/03/2015 with Prof. Hans Gangoly, Guest professor Markus Penell and Eve Sollgruber. While the city is struggling with rising rents, gentrification and expensive large-scale projects in its center opens up a blind spot. A plot of land at Gleisdreieck Berlin - a place for possible utopias with the potential to reinterpret the city from the inside. The design task is the development of a major architectural form. An architecture that can not be described in terms of their sheer size, but about your elevation, quality and consistency. An architecture that the city which - condensed into an object - with all public and private programs.