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    PROJECTS / Beautifully failed competitions
    LokViertel Osnabrück

    LOKVIERTEL OSNABRÜCK, 2021 – Those who gain land should use the opportunity to gain city, too. It would be hard to find a place with a shape and location more inspirational to the founding of a city. The precise, arcing contour of the area is surprising reminiscent of the European city figures we know so well.

    The Lokviertel itself was initially a hard-to-reach archipelago with its back turned on the city centre. The designed accesses, connections, visual references, and networking with the surrounding city act as drivers to bring liveliness into the quarter. High-rise buildings clearly mark the entrances, forming a game of relay with the existing and planned high points of Osnabrück.

    The spatial sequences include promenades, passages, squares, and parks. The buildings set each other free, pushing their corners into the space in a dense and friendly kind of jostling. The curiosity to discover what’s around the next corner leads to the kind of surprising encounters we want a city to be filled with, as well as creating layers that are mixed, diverse, and yet convergent. A piece of new city, layer by layer.

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