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HOTEL INTERCONTINENTAL VIENNA — The aim was to provide a contrast to the compact Konzerthaus building by creating an airy, generously dimensioned building figure with a lightness that seems to continue the Stadtpark behind in a built form. The façade structure, which frames the new ensemble as a single whole, is made up of large horizontal glass panes held in place by a porcelain-white grid of ceramic elements. It is intended to provide an elegant frame for the various areas that are visible behind the glazing. All the facilities that attract a wider public are located on the ground and first floor, separated by a cornice from the upper part of the building. The block containing the hotel bedrooms, with calmly arranged curtains, is positioned above. Placed on top of this hotel block is the Palais-sur-ville, which, with its four free-standing town houses and their park-like terraces, forms an airy crown.

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