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    OFFICE BUILDING PRENZLAUER ALLEE BERLIN 2022 — In context of Bruno Taut's Wilhelminian block structure and significant urban modernism, a new contemporary building ensemble is being created at the Carl Legien settlement. The building ensemble consists of an office building and a residential building. A differentiated spatial scaffolding of private and public spaces is erected. The urban context is strengthened as an "Urban Boulevard" towards Prenzlauer Allee. In transition to Erich-Weinert-street, the motif of a green residential complex is prepared in the entrance to the Carl-Legien-Siedlung. Of course, the courtyard is the protected and green space of the building ensemble, especially the residential buildings. Both parts of the building develop an appropriate autonomy as well as commonalities. Both are covered by a uniform façade relief of the same profile size. The fine grid pulls the individual parts of the building together to form a large-scale figure and mediates between the granularity of the Wilhelminian period and the large-scale figures of modernity.

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