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    Depot talk 7 // Embrace the Old

    — 25.6.2015 at 7 pm in the O&O DEPOT, Berlin. Conversation with Thomas Kaup (architect and chair BDA Berlin), Francesca Ferguson (initiator of the Make City Festival), Christian Heuchel (architect and artist), Dirk Bücker (developer and operator), Thomas Kürstner (musicians and performers), Georg Wasmuth (architect and preservationists) and Markus Penell (O&O Baukunst). Is there a strategy for the renewed city? And what value has this substance - the Old? A discussion about the question of what drives us forward: the city is not a mirror of identities - on the contrary. The city should retain a certain absence of individuality. In the traditional city, there is a well-sedimented over generations dump collective action. The soothing anonymity of the city has always offered without any obstruction space for the development of diverse identities. "Old Hugging does not mean to start from a tabula rasa or to demand such. Rather, it means to go out of what is, what has been and what to come. It requires the exact Zurkenntnisnahme the conditions that result from historical processes or situations. The aim is a precise adaptation of the current guidelines to the historical circumstances and future expectations. "- Laurids Ortner

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