THIS IS THE WAR ROOM // Film und Ausstellung -

O&O Baukunst at Venice International Film Festival 30 August — 9 September, 2017

O&O Baukunst supports the Ken Adam Film “THIS IS THE WAR ROOM!”

The short “THIS IS THE WAR ROOM!” by Boris Hars-Tschachotin follows the legendary production designer Ken Adam who, at the age of 93 and with cigar in hand, wields his Flo-Master felt pen just one last time to bring the year of 1962 and the iconic war room he
created with Stanley Kubrick in DR. STRANGELOVE back to life again.

O&O Baukunst will show Ken Adam at O&O Depot Berlin November 2017

This cabinet exhibition will provide a concentrated retrospective and a display of changing perspectives on Sir Ken Adam‘s visionary ouevre. It will be curated by the architect Markus Penell and the filmmaker Boris Hars-Tschachotin.
To this occasion “THIS IS THE WAR ROOM!” will be shown in Berlin.