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    Togetherness - urban and socio-spatial neighborhood development - 10th Symposium to promote building culture in Lower Saxony

    Laura Weißmüller (Süddeutsche Zeitung) converses with Oliver Elser (Deutsches Architektur Museum), Julian Weyer (C.F.Moller Architects), Alexander Hagner (architects gaupenraub +/-) and Markus Penell, and much more. on urban and socio-spatial neighborhood development.

    Life in a residential district, is a social, economic and cultural life in the city. Buildings, open spaces and functions characterize these spaces as well as the people. But what changes and challenges have these quarters, when the integration of new citizens has to be sucessfull and affordable housing needs to be provided to other segments of the population? How to change architecture and public space, if it is to remain independent and active for all members in the future? How socially, environmentally and sustainable, the lodging must be organized in order to enable all social groups participate? What contribution can architecture and urban planning in the development of new and old quarters under our architectural solution aspects?