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    SYD MEAD - FUTURE CITIES // O&O Depot - 14.11.2019

    An exclusive look into the creative world of one of the great futurists of our time

    Star Trek: The Motion PictureTronBlade Runner or AliensMission to Mars and Elysium:
    for legendary science fiction films Syd Mead created trend-setting and breathtaking worlds. He developed entire cities and mobility concepts with flying cars, autonomous vehicles, space ships. Syd Meads picture worlds are always characterized by functionality and mostly a positive idea of the future. But for the dystopian cult film Blade Runner Syd Mead created the vision of a bold and apocalyptic city in which huge sky-scrapers dominate the skyline. Now, in November 2019, fiction overlaps with the present, for the 1982 film is set in Los Angeles 2019.

    A total of 30 originals with a focus on urban spaces, including motifs for Blade Runner, offer an insight into the creative world of the visionary. In a brand new short documentary, Syd Mead talks about his work, inspiration and career.

    Exhibition idea / initiator: Markus Penell
    Curator: Boris Hars-Tschachotin

    OPENING Thursday, November 14, 7 pm

    Exhibition from Nov 15, 2019 to Jan, 16 2020

    O&O DEPOT · Leibnizstraße 60 · 10629 Berlin
    Mon- Fri 3 to 7 pm and by appointment

    image: Downtown Cityscape / Blade Runner ©Syd Mead, 1981