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    LIBELLE @ LEOPOLD MUSEUM VIENNA 2018 — Libelle, the german word for dragon-fly, a total work of art designed by architect Laurids Ortner and artists Eva Schlegel (design of the areas of glass) and Brigitte Kowanz (hovering light track), serves as an extension to the Leopold Museum that provides a public terrace, a café and a multi-functional exhibition space. This usable artistic spatial sculpture creates a symbol of the Museumsquartier, that strikingly emphasises the identity of the complex as a whole and becomes an effective trademark in the international cultural competition between cities. Through this artwork the appearance of this part of the city acquires an attractive new visual focus that seems to hover above the ridge of the Fischer von Erlach building and becomes a delightful signpost for tourists and visitors. From the terrace on the Leopold Museum, which is reached from the main courtyard of the Museumsquartier, the public is offered an incomparable view of the Kaiserforum and the inner city. Vienna actively positions itself as a European metropolis which demonstrates in an exemplary fashion how combining a traditional cultural legacy with a contemporary building measure can create a new urban entity.


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